Lagos State Government has announced that out of 26,442 vehicles that were inspected in January, in order to be issued the road worthiness certificate,  15,998 of them passed, while 10,444 failed the minimum safety standard tests.

It could be recalled that the Lagos State Government, through the commissioner for transport,  Dr Frederic Oladeinde, announced in December last year, that it would introduce the ‘No Vehicle Inspection, No Road Worthiness Certificate’ Policy, which consequently began on January 1, 2022. This simply means that a certificate of roadworthiness will be issued to.motorists after inspection of the vehicle against the former practice of issuance at the point of obtaining documents or of renewal.

However, the State Commissioner for Transport noted that some of the vehicles that failed the test have reported for a retest while awaiting others.

Consequently, Oladeinde disclosed that the government has now introduced a booking system to stem the surge recorded at some vehicle inspection centres, adding that the vehicle inspection would now be based on scheduled appointments.

The commissioner reiterated that the policy which was introduced to take off rickety vehicles responsible for incessant accidents, loss of lives and property within the metropolis, from the road, is equally aimed at addressing the traffic congestion caused by several breakdowns of vehicles due to the old process which is no longer sustainable.

“Vehicle Inspection Officers are also engaging other commercial drivers at various motor parks for vehicle checks to further reduce convergence of vehicles at the inspection test centres.

“The state government is ramping up a consultation with private partners with vehicle inspection facilities to increase the present existing 27 centres spread across the state, with 5 more mobile test centres already on the way,” the commissioner said.

Subsequently, Oladeinde stated that the 30 days window of inspection period had been reviewed to 60 days to reduce panic surge presently experienced in some of the inspection test centres. He assured that the backlog of already referred vehicles would be cleared on or before February 14 to give room for the booking system.