A car is subject to different forms of damages throughout its life cycle. However, like every other part of a car, car paint damages become visible over time, such as fading, chipping, and rusting. In this article, we share some causes of car paint damages and prevent them.

Why is your car paint fading?

The fading of your car paint can either be due to the breaking down of the paint pigment or damage to the clear coat, i.e., the finish on top of the base coat of your car paint. Here are some reasons why this car paint damage may occur:


The sun emits radiation called Ultra Violet (UV) rays which are a significant cause of car paint damages.

Continuous exposure to UV rays will cause corrosion of the paint molecules and cause them to lose reflectivity. This loss of reflectivity causes the car paint to appear visibly dull over time.

Bird droppings

Birds droppings are highly concentrated in uric acid. On long-term contact, these highly acidic compounds can cause damage to car paint. Also, when they are not properly removed, they can do visible damage to car paint.

Harmful Chemicals

Different chemicals ranging from detergents to coffee may spill on the car paint. Although seemingly harmless, they cause long-term car paint damages.

Type of paint

A single-stage paint, which is a mixture of the color and clear coat, is more susceptible to damage than a painting of base coat and clear coat separately.  

Lack of maintenance

Like every other part of a vehicle, the car paint also needs proper auto care and maintenance to last. A car that is washed and waxed regularly would be in better condition than one that isn’t.

How to Prevent the fading of your Car paint

Park your car in a shaded area

To prevent direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight’s UV rays, park your cars in shaded areas, especially during the day.

Whether it is a garage or carport, parking in a shaded area would also prevent the likelihood of bird droppings. In cases where the shade is a tree, be sure to look out for those.

Use car covers

A car cover can be a viable alternative when there is no shade. They are usually made of materials that refract sun rays away from the car and can protect them from other agents like harsh chemicals, bad weather, and dirt.

Car cover

Wash your car regularly

Having a regular wash schedule for your car will prevent long exposure to chemicals or micro dirt accumulated on the vehicle without your knowledge.

A proper wash every few weeks can go a long way in protecting your car paint. You can use a recommended car wash or do it yourself using recommended car wash products. Remember, using detergents that are not suitable may expose your car to chemicals that do more damage than good.

Regular car detailing

Professional Proper detailing can go a long way in protecting your car paint. We offer detailing services at fixit45

Our detailing process is comprehensive, using recommended products only. The detailing services also include waxing.

Waxing your car every few months is a great way to protect your car paint and retain its brightness and shine.

There are a variety of waxes to choose from; you can decide which works for you. Proper application following the correct directives would protect your car paint from other damaging factors, including climate, and help it last longer.

Fix the fade

Faded paint may not always require a new coat of paint. Here are a few things you can do to bring it back to life:

  • Buffing: When the car paint is faded but the surface is still in good shape, buffing can be used to recover and polish the car paint. If done properly, buffing can redeem the shine of the car paint.
  • Repaint: Sometimes, the vehicle paint might be faded to the point where buffing cannot recover it, we recommend a repaint. Proper painting by professionals would have your car looking good as new.

In conclusion,

These processes are delicate, and a mistake can lead to more damage or even completely ruin your car paint. Therefore, instead of trying a DIY, get professionals to do it for you. Our highly skilled technicians offer valuable work at very affordable rates.

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