An everyday activity that becomes a lot risky is driving. Nationwide, a lot of auto crashes have happened at night, which is three times greater than during the day. Driving at night is largely dependent on the potence and brightness of the headlights of the vehicles, as it begins to perform the function of the human eye in the body, hence, it becomes the eyes of the driver.

Consequently, the headlamps of vehicles are very essential for the safety of the driver on the road and its usage of the road, in relation to other road users.

Clear, Bright Headlights Make a Difference

Headlights are obviously a necessary component of your car, and it’s important to keep them in top working condition for many reasons. Properly adjusted and cared-for headlights can literally make the difference between life and death. Headlights allow you to see road markings, signs, and unexpected obstacles. Over time, headlights inevitably get covered in grime, and the bulbs dim and burn out. Bright, clear headlights will give you the advantage of an extra second or two of response time to better react to an unexpected obstacle such as a pothole, or debris on the road. Headlights also let other cars know you’re on the road. Consequently, Brighter headlights mean more visibility and a safer ride.

Facing a poor light vision during the night while using the road is as much dangerous as driving blind folded. Also, if the headlights are too low to the ground level, it can reduce the driver’s visibility on road likewise, even if the headlights are too high above the driver’s eye vision it will be useless, as the direction of the light is not to the needed convenience of the driver.

Additionally, as posited in an article published on, “if the headlights are extensively at a lower ground level at the road it will affect the driver’s vision in seeing far off the distance on the road by making things difficult for the driver to understand as where the obstacles or blind turns may occur.

“Technically, design engineers say that properly aimed headlights are hard to specify as per how the driver wills to keep the beams while driving, that is whether straight or downwards. If the beams are not measured the right way the way it must be, then there can be chances that they are not precise in aiming correctly & so are out of alignment.”

Headlights Need Maintenance

Just like we think vehicle fluids, brakes and air filters should be maintained and given keen attention, headlights need to be maintained regularly as well. According to an article on, A recent study indicates that 34 percent of drivers have never changed their headlights, and 63 percent said they would only replace one burned out headlight. That data is despite 83 percent of drivers agreeing that better down-road headlights are connected to increased vehicle safety. Headlight maintenance is quick and easy, so don’t you think it is worth it to prioritize your safety while on the road, by ensuring your headlights are in good working condition.

Get Professional Help for Best Results

Fixit45 technicians have the required expertise to haul out scratches and make your headlights shine like a brand new one, using a highly specialized cleaning process. It’s a simple procedure and can make a world of difference in your driving experience. Fixit45, being a certified vehicle care giver, is committed to keeping your car as safe as possible.